DaRo Eco UV Disinfection

By the time the water we use reaches our homes, for most households, it will have been disinfected by the region’s water company, for our safe consumption. Not removing harmful microorganisms from drinking water causes people to fall ill.  Untreated water is particularly harmful to the very young, elderly or vulnerable.

If your water is supplied directly from a bore hole, well or spring, or you’re harvesting water or simply living off-grid you’ll need to consider methods of disinfection to keep you and your family safe.

SizesEco 1, Eco 2, Eco 3, Eco 5
* see Philips Lamps for spares
Flow Ratesfrom 11 to 70 litres per minute

The key advantages of UV water disinfection are:

• Eliminates the need to buy, handle and store toxic chemicals
• No risk of ‘overdose’ with UV disinfection as is possible with chemical disinfection
• No risk of residual by-products in your water
• Easy to install into a current water supply
• Inexpensive to purchase and cost effective to run; a domestic UV water disinfection system uses less power than a regular light bulb
• No alteration of taste, odour or clarity of the water

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