Noga Water Care Filtration Systems

  • Our diagram shows the NW 4330 Noga 3 Stage filtration system. The filters would typically be a 1 micron sediment cartridge, a carbon block cartridge and an inline granulated carbon post polishing cartridge on top.
    • Other systems include the NW 4360 5 Stage version with RO Membrane.
    • We have fittings and spares to help you maintain your system.
      • We can supply a range of compatible filters which are suitable for these systems.
Cartridge TypeNW2111 & NW2113 Sediment Filters
NW2120 Carbon Block Cartridge
NW2915 Combined Carbon/sediment Cartridge
NW2920 Carbon Inline Cartridge
NW5075 Reverse Osmosis Membrane
Micron Size 1 – 25 micron depending on cartridge

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