Vyair UV Disinfection

Vyair UV disinfection system
Vyair UV disinfection system

Ultraviolet sterilisation is a well established process to rapidly disinfect water without the use of heat or chemical processes such as chlorination or ozonisation. UV does not add anything to water such as undesirable colours, tastes or odours and creates no by product. The “T” Models come with a Lamp Life Countdown Feature and will give an indicator after 365 days to replace the UV Lamp within the system.

Domestic Sizes

Flow Rates
PV-1 , PV-2, PV-4, PV-6
PV-8/ 8T, PV-12/ 12T

3.8 litres to 45.4 litres per minute
Lamp SizesPV-1 Lamps 10W up to PV-12/ 12T 39W

Low pressure, mercury-arc germicidal lamps are specially designed to produce the highest amount of UV radiation, ~ 90% of the total rated energy is at 253.7nm.


  • Drinking Water
  • Food & Beverage
  • Medical Sterilisation
  • General Industrial Processes

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